General Questions

Why are we offering cash to you, our customers?

We want to encourage you to share what you have found here with everyone you know. VitaMist is a better and more natural way to take your vitamins. We have found that most people tell other people about spray vitamins, and this is our way of saying thank you.

How often do we pay, and when?

Each pay period is one calendar month. We pay once a month, on the 20th of each month.

For example: If the pay period is March, checks will be mailed out April 20th. The April 20th check is for everything that happened from March 1st thru March 31st.

Is there a limit as to how many people I can share this with, or how much money I can make?
Can the people I share this with, family and friends, also sign up to get paid, and will I continue to receive benefits from their activity?

Yes, to both questions.

What is a mentor?

A Mentor is a person who sponsors you and helps you grow your business.

How do I get credit for a friends order?

When your friend orders products from, have them enter your full name, phone number, ID #, or any other information we need to identify you in the "Check Out" screen in the top space labeled "Referred by". We always ask a first time caller how they heard about us.

Their account is then linked to yours so you can get credit for their orders.

It is very important that your friend has the correct information to identify you. For example, if they put "John" into the referred by space with no last name, it makes it very difficult to find you.

How much product inventory is required?

No inventory is required. Just purchase what you would use for personal use, three products each month. The three tubes are all that is required to start receiving commissions on your personal referral orders.

I have a friend who wants the product but doesn't want to be a team member. Can I get a commission from their orders?


Retail customers go into your personal group and are applied toward your monthly qualification tube counts of seven and ten tubes for commissions (not your first three tubes of the month). You will receive the difference between the price they pay and the wholesale price. Retail customers and Club Members do not earn commission.

What is a Leg?

A leg is a branch of the organization that begins with you. When you help a person join as a new Team Member to your first level, they are considered to be the beginning of a leg.

What is group volume?

Group volume is used to determine if you qualify for certain titles.

Group volume for silver qualification is qualified purchases by you and your first two levels.

Group volume for gold qualification is qualified purchases by you and your first three levels.

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