We are committed to your total health and physical well-being, as well as your financial security. Simply put, our philosophy is that we can all lead happier, healthier and more fulfilled lives with the opportunity to succeed and the stamina to meet the challenge.

The Compensation Plans are the embodiment of this philosophy. They are designed to reward your success, encourage your growth, and allow you to accomplish goals that you may never have dreamed possible. It is a plan based on sharing the good news about VitaMistâ„¢ products with family, friends, and associates as well as sharing the opportunity with those who seek the same rewards and advancement as you.

As a VitaMist Team Member, you will be sharing products that offer the highest degree of effectiveness. There is nothing like them in all the world. You will be sharing a long line of products that are patented in the U.S. and abroad and may not be duplicated.

World Class Products

Introducing VitaMist Spray Vitamins the purest in the world. After many years of research by physicians, scientists, and pharmacologists, VitaMist Spray Vitamins offer a convenient way to take vitamin and nutritional supplements.

VitaMist, manufactured in America, using the highest grade of the purest vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbs. No fillers or by-products are used. There are over 50 unique formulations to meet everyone's needs and interests.

Enhanced Compensation Plan

These Compensation Plans are created to benefit those who personally endorse and use the products, and for those Team Member's who can motivate and educate others to do the same. The 3-1-50 Program is a system of graduating levels and titles. Commission payout starts between $3.99 to $9.01 per item and continues through to an impressive shared Infinity Pool Bonus of up to 15% over your entire 3-1-50 organization.

Any three VitaMist products, or SlenderMist® products, meets all your personal qualifications needed to qualify you to start receiving commissions on your personal referral orders. Just by increasing your personal selection to seven to ten products you will receive commissions on your second to third level referral orders. These increased amounts are the same personal amount needed for the advancing titles.

For those Members that are the aggressive type, we have enhanced commission opportunities in conjunction with the 3-1-50 program. The Fast Start Program is an advanced purchases option for those with professional experience.

Receive good health while building your organization, your income, and your future. You can begin accumulating commission the same day you sign up and use the products.

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  • First-hand news on products.
  • The chance to immediately begin sharing this opportunity with others.
  • A 20% to 36% discount on most Products.
  • Meets personal qualifications for commissions.
  • Best of all, Enrollment is currently Free.

With the VITAMIST products behind you, building an organization can be easy. With a great tasting and convenient to take products, your friends will be back for more! Our mission to provide the world with technologically superior and nutritionally sound supplements is your key to success. Sharing the Compensation plans and products with family, friends and others will provide them with sensible, healthy products and profits to you!

As an Independent VitaMist Team Member, you can take pride in offering these products to others while adding to your income.

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